Rent an rock star

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According to "Los Angeles Times" reported on the 12th, the wealthy often spend a large amount of money to buy a Picasso or a Pollock painting, but few to leave any mark on the lives. why not to spend money on a living body, such as Jagger? Rap singer "50 cents" go home for you own singing his "money instead of people's lives"? Rock star can also be rented out.

If you have the money, you can do anything, for a rich golfer, maybe you rich is not show on your X-20 how awesome, also not in how many Titleist clubs you can buy. If you have the money, you can directly knock the door of Tiger's father's house, and tell him you have the money, and hoping his son to be your caddy. Just for fun, but that is possible.

Holiday gatherings, wedding ceremony or adults ceremony are all can have Emmy winners come to add to the fun, as long as you have enough money to put in front of them. Yes, this is not a small sum. For example, New Year's Eve, the British pop singer George Michael sang in Russia for a wealthy businessman, in front of hundreds of guests to perform more than one hours, was paid three million U.S. dollars! Rich man named Vladimir Potanin, a mining and timber giants. Have Michael's concert in Russia for 75 minutes.