A tailor's gift

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When you see the title, you may ask, what is the matter with the editor, do there have any relationship between the golfer and what.

Well, this tailor is famous, and his products is also awesome. And, we call the product as TaylorMade. This summer, the great brand have show you the great products, TaylorMade R9 Driver.

For the first time, you can buy a club that can change with you. Yes, the brilliant golfers can set it up for the course that they’re playing and hit it perfect every time but the real bonus is for the average golfer. This is a driver that can grow with you. You can keep it for years.

One is the TaylorMade R9, which claimed that the user can affect the ball dispersion by up to 75 yards from left to right with an identical swing. As expected, you can hit the ball about 290 yards and around 20 yards left of the fairway. The ball had a definite right to left flight which looked great but we still had some tinkering to do.

Honestly, it's great, no matter it would be in the style, technology, looks and feeling. Maybe you have the image that you have a shot gun attached to the end of the stick. I uesed to be the fans of Tiger Woods, and the user of Nike.

We all generally want to have a golf club than can improve our poor swing, but this one is different, we can have the R9 to improve the swing.