Golfers say low back problems

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Tell me why, why my back hurt me so much while a golfer do not. The reason is not because any great equipment do this for golfer, actually all TaylorMade is the same, all the point goes to the swing.

Show your muscles, and find the key. when you try to swing a golf club with inhibited gluteus muscles the neural signal skips right over the gluteus muscles, the largest and most powerful meuscles in our body, and is sent to your surrounding back muscles.

In fact, we may not even be strengthening but just re-educating the neuromuscular system. In reality, most early strength gains are more neural than contractile. Meaning that your body learns how to recruit more of its muscle rather than actually growing more muscle. It takes about 6-8 weeks of a training program before muscle hypertrophy (growth) begins. It is extremely important that you are able to set the core muscles in the body to properly stabilize the spine and actually fire your gluteus muscles when training, otherwise you will just revert back to your normal pattern of using your back muscles instead of your gluteus muscles and perpetuate your problem further.

To sum up, once you have the idea about the proper strengthening and also core muscles, then the condition will be better. What's more, you should rember R9 is still R9, the key is your body.
Nike always say just do it, sometimes this sentense is really great.