Prince Andrew's golf passion

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49-year-old Prince Andrew’s latest golf handicap is 4, which means that he is eligible to be a member of the Pro League. Then, the Duke of York alos can make a living by teaching golf club ’s swing, or even be able to enter the British Open. Just be able to compete with other professional players such as Tiger Woods for example.

Prince Andrew is the second son of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who is the No. 4throne heir of British. Prince Andrew has been playing golf as soon as he served as the Navy. His level of golf really took off is when he began full-time personnel to the work as one of the royal family.

Despite the 628 official activities last year, Prince Andrew still had enough time for golf, almost from his estimate of 6 or 8 to 4. He is also the St. Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Club’s former captain. He played in the world’s best golf courses, including in the USA and Barbados, to plug the state of Massa, Thailand and New Zealand's top golf course.
However, his passion for golf is a waste of British taxpayers because the money has aroused considerable controversy. Ten years ago, Andrew hiring a private jet to watch the British Open in Scotland, the British Labor MP Tony - Tony Banks described Andrew as "useless parasites overweight." In 2001, Andrew in order to watch the final stage of the British Open competition at Lytham St. Annes, who spent 10,000 pounds to use the Queen's plane. In 2004, he refused to attend the D-Day anniversary celebrations in France but to take part in a golf dinner held at St. Andrews.In 2005, Prince Andrew spent £ 32,000 so that the British Royal Air Force set him to St Andrews.

One spokesman of Prince Andrew told "The Sun": "He is a proud supporter of British golf."