After health scare,Bjorn is coming back

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Former Ryder Cup player Thomas Bjorn returns to the European Tour this week after undergoing a brain scan and "every test imaginable".

The Dane, chairman of the players' committee and captain of Continental Europe against Britain and Ireland in next month's Vivendi Trophy in Paris, admits he has been a worried man these past few weeks after suffering dizzy spells and extreme fatigue.

"They found a brain, but nothing else," Bjorn was able to joke on the eve of the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles.

He has not played since the French Open at the start of last month and Wednesday's pro-am was his first round since then.

"It started in France and after going to Loch Lomond for the Scottish Open the following week I felt so bad that hitting balls for 10 minutes felt like 10 hours.

"It just drained me completely, so I pulled out and went home.

"For two weeks I hardly got out of bed and when I got the dizzy attacks I was sleeping for 15-16 hours a day.

"They can't figure it out yet, but you start at the top and work down, so I was sent for the brain scan.

"You think really bad things and going for the scan and then waiting for the result is not the greatest feeling, but it was all clear.

"It could be a lifestyle thing. The changes in food and environment and all the travelling we do has got to take more out of you than you realise and sometimes I suppose you can just hit the wall.

"It's a shame because I was starting to hit the ball well again. Now I'm hitting it awful, but that's to be expected a bit after going so long without playing.

"You can't just keep sitting at home, though, so I'm here and I've entered the next two tournaments as well."