When to Use What Drivers

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Driver is the club that will provide you with a longer shot than wedges, irons or woods. A driver can only be used when teeing off on a hole. You don't necessarily have to use a driver when teeing off, however. Because there are many drivers from which to choose it is important that you know when to use what kind of drivers.

Longer Holes

Par 4 and Par 5 holes are two of your longest yardage holes so it's important to use a long driver. Long drivers with a more flexible shaft are preferable because you can get more power behind a swing. Typically long drivers will have a heavier head.

Medium Holes

These consist of par 3 or the shorter par 4. There is no particular name for the medium-range drivers; they are simply referred to as drivers. Check the shafts for stability. A medium-range driver should have a stiffer staff, but not completely stiff. Stiffer shafts are heavier, which in turn doesn't allow you to put as much speed on the swing.

Hybrid Drivers

There are drivers that have the characteristics of a medium-range driver and a long driver. Some of these clubs will have a stiffer shaft and a wider head, or some will have a very flexible shaft and medium-sized head. Some golfers use these drivers to take the guess work out of selecting a club to use. These drivers can be used on any hole. You will need to adjust the swing speed.