WOW! Dont buy anything else

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Got my driver in the mail two days ago with the rescue 3 wood and proceeded to the range yesterday. The rescue wood is a great go to club. For me I hit it about 240 or so and with a great trajectory. But the cream of the crop is the burner driver.

Wow, the first ball I hit I hit the top of the trees at our driving range and the range is 275 yards to the base of the trees. I hit some balls off center but they still carried to the bottom of the trees. But boy you sure do know when you catch on good. There is no doubt in your mind. Some balls even had a slight draw to them. Only down side I could find is that the sound is a bit unorthodox. But who cares if I am hitting the ball well over 300 yards and straight! Dont wait, if you need a new driver definatly try out the
09 Burner Driver.