Get a great deal on Callaway 09 X-Forged Irons

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All right guys. I have now had my set of the new Callaway Cavity Back X forged 2 irons for about 2 weeks and I wanted to give you a short review. As you can see from the pictures they look great. My first impressions from the pics I saw along time ago were not that good but in person these things are beautiful. I have been playing the Callaway proto blades for over a year and it was going to take a lot to get those out of my bag. This set is a few words took the better qualities from the old X forged and the prototype blades and put them together to come up with this iron. In my opinion the perfect golf club and I think you guys will agree when you see these irons. Every time I look down at them I get happy and get even happier with the control and feel I have with them.

Looks wise they are smaller then the X forged but bigger then the proto blade. The offset is less then both which is fine with me; I am not an offset guy. The sole of the new iron is similar to the blade, a bit more rounded and easier in the turf like the blade. The old X forged sole I never liked even on the quad dot set; they were just too sharp and flat and liked to dig. The grooves on this set appear to be V Groove similar to the proto blade and they allow you to hit much better height control and penetrating shots. The X forged grooves for me caused way to much spin unless you had a B set which were rare and not available to the public. The old X forged irons were hard to hit in the wind for me. The grooves on the proto blades as well as this set (the X forged 2) produce perfect spin and were easier in the wind. The top line of the new X forged 2 set is similar to the X forged maybe a little thinner. The LOOK GREAT!

Feel wise for some reason this set feels softer. I am not sure of it is the metal or the grooves that cause the better feel. I was told they are Endo but they feel softer for sure. I am leaning towards a softer metal more so then the grooves. The iron in total gives you the control of the blade, forgiveness of a cavity and the look of a larger blade.

Needless to say my proto blades are now in the closet and the X forged 2 are in the bag. I am so happy with them and I am more excited about this set then I was about the proto blades. I am really excited about playing golf again because when you were off with those proto blades you were off. I had a bit of a rough round the other day and still managed to shoot a 78 with the new irons. I have so much more confidence and just love the irons. They are just so perfect in my opinion and Callaway once again has improved on something I almost did not think they could make better. The X forged irons and the proto blades are hard to beat and I honestly think they did improve on both of them with this set. Now if I could just find a Callaway driver that agreed with me I would be all Callaway except a putter which has been the case for awhile anyways. I hope one of these new drivers they have coming out will work for me. I hope you enjoy the review and pictures.