Putting track helped Cink

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Stewart Cink switched from the belly putter back to a conventional putter with stunning results on Sunday - but only after working with Momentus Golf's 'Inside Down the Line Putting Track'.

The seasoned Cink finally joined the major winners when he beat Tom Watson in a four-hole play-off at the 138th Open Championship at Turnberry.

He also joined Angel Cabrerra, the 2009 Masters champion, as the second man to have won a Major after beginning to use the 'Inside Down the Line Putting Track'.

How it works:

The best putters in the world will admit that they try to swing the putter a little inside on the back stroke and then release the putter straight down the line on the through stroke.

It only makes sense if you want the ball to go straight down the line you need to release your putter straight down the line and the 'Inside Down the Line Putting Track' will teach you to do just that.

Simply place the heel of your putter against the vertical portion of the track. As you make your stroke allow the putter head to stay in contact with the Putting Track at all times. The putter head will swing a little inside, then down the line on the through stroke. You won't believe how many more putts you can make using this devise. It will feel natural and effortless and the results will be remarkable!

You'll also notice the ball rolling like it has over-spin on it. The ball will track right down your line and into the cup.

If you train yourself to repeat this perfect putting stroke, you will, as Cink and Cabrerra have done, sink more putts and lower your scores.