What's good enough for Rocco...

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After torturing myself for the last couple of years with a set of Taylormade 300 series blade irons, I was finally over the egotistical notion that good players only use blades and decided to get a set of cavity back irons.

After trying out other irons (TM R7s, Cobra FPs) I decided to give the X-20s a try since I saw that even some pros use these. At first, the short hosel put me off but I was surprised at the response after a couple of hits. The ball is quite workable for being cavity back irons. Off center hits still go straight with a relatively low distance penalty. Also, there's just enough feedback coming through to let me know that I missed. Yeah, 'pure' shots don't fell as buttery as a Mizuno but what do you except from a cast iron club. My old 300s would kick like a herd of angry mules on mishits and could lose over 20 percent of the distance even when barely missing.

The shaft is the uniflex which I have quickly become a fan of. Think of it as a firm flex. A new player could easily grow into these as ability improves without the need to upgrade the stiffness. The shafts are fairly light for steel shafts and help increase the swing weight. This allows the player to know where club head is at and promotes some confidence. Funny that the shaft is the main reason that I did not pick up the R7s.

Compared to the competition, these clubs have very good distance gaps. The R7s loft difference between the 5 and 3 irons was only 5 degrees! The Cobras had better lofts but yardage gaps were about the same, but overall distance was lower.

Overall, these are probably the best last gen game improvement irons out there. Don't believe me? Well, golf digest voted these irons tops in their category for the two years that they were Callaway's newest offering, beating out the R7s. My only gripe is that, like most game improvement irons, the sand wedge is useless for greenside play. The ball simply comes out too hot. Well, nothing a quick trade didn't resolve.

These irons are great for players of all skills. Just ask Rocco.