How to Choose The Right Golf Bag

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Beginner golfers often have no choice in bags when they buy their first set of clubs. Many beginner sets already come with a golf bag. The quality of the bags is usually inferior, like the quality of golf clubs. If you have the option to choose a bag, you can browse among the many brands and styles and select the one with the features that accommodate you best. Your golf bag should not cause you aggravation and distract you from your game.

Think about what you want to bring onto the course, whether it be extra clothing, food or golf equipment. There are golf bags available with ample storage pockets and insulated linings to keep snacks and drinks cold and fresh.

Ask yourself how much priority you put on getting clubs easily in and out of the bag. You will find bags that divide your 14 clubs six ways but just at the top. This means your club shafts can get tangled inside the bag. You'll find yourself jamming your golf clubs down to get them back into the bag. Bags with separate tubes for each club will make inserting and withdrawing your clubs hassle free.

Decide how often you want to put your bag on a pull cart. This will affect how heavy a bag you should choose.

If you plan to travel by plane a lot with your golf clubs, then you need to know about the weight of the bags with the clubs inside. Airlines all have different weight restrictions on bags and charge you extra if your bag exceeds a certain weight. Research empty golf bag weights and airline policies regarding golf bags.

Look at ads for sales at the golf shops or sporting goods

Go online to see the bags that are offered and read the reviews that are submitted by customers.