Amazing Driver--------Callaway FT-iQ

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I am just getting back into the game after a 15 year lay-off. I used to be a 12 handicap and could hit a drive 250 yds. I am now 53 and have discovered that I cannot hit the ball as far as I used too... Until today!

I decided to treat myself and purchase a new driver and fairway woods. I was amazed at the new advances in technology and was shocked to see the difference in club head sizes.My 20 year old driver is comparable to a 5 wood of today.

I researched different drivers and decided on the Callaway FT-iQ driver. Although the price tag was scary, Callaway had a promotion where you buy the driver and get two fairway woods for a $1.00! So the total was going to be $500 for all three. Can't beat that deal.

I couldn't believe the size of the clubheads and the light weight. I demoed the club at the store and hit 5 shots right off the heal and "chilidipped" them. I was wondering if I was making a mistake. I felt that it was probably me and I needed to get used to the club. I trusted my instincts and bought the woods.

Regular Flex.I went to the driving range and immediately hit the first 5 balls OFF THE HEAL AND CHILLIDIPPED!!! I now had that sinking feeling that I wasted a lot of money.

I made a few adjustments and started to hit the ball better but was fading the ball 7 out of 10 times. This is what I had always done years ago. I thought that the forgivness of the club would compensate for that but it didn't.I felt that I had just spent $500 needlessly.

I was wondering if I should have gotten the stiff shaft and remembered reading a review where someone had the same problem. He returned it for a stiff shaft and had the same fade problem. So I decided to work with what I got.

Thanks to the Internet, I had discovered that I had not been gripping the clubs properly for many years. I had a weak grip and a stance that was PROMOTING A FADE. Three days later, I went back to the range and with my new grip and stance started to hit the ball better with a slight DRAW; something I never did in my life.

I adjusted my stance a little and was then hitting it down the middle.A few shots later and I was slamming the ball 270 yds+ STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE! I am not making this up.You might be thinking that it was my new grip that did this. When I was younger (25 -30), before I was fading the ball (almost a slice), I would hit the ball straight about 250 yds.Now with this driver I am hitting it 270+ and straight and I am 25 years older!

The grip is helping me hit it straight but the club is giving me the distance because of the speed I am able to generate due to it's lightweight and flex.I don't have the power I did 25 years ago, but the club is definately making up for that.This club is amazing. I hit at least 50 drives that were consistent and loooooooong.I tried another driver and although I hit it fairly straight, I didn't get the distance as I did with the Callaway.I am NOT affiliated with Callaway in any way and am reviewing this with 100% accuracy.Great club! Hopefully if you decide to get it, you will have great results also.