The world's top golf vehicles

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Comes to flowering season again, you can driver this luxury golf cmmercial vehicles to begin a period of golf vacation. Surrounded by the clear water and greens, you can have the top equipment under your foot, and the warmth of home life around your body.

Exposured into the spacious and luxurious living room of the car, reclining in the sofa with imported leather, listening to jazz, drinking whiskey, and to enjoy the moving scerery outside the car window wiht your friends. Pointing to the landscape, and talking about life. Touch the central computer control systems, lighting control systems, in the Opera-style lighting system to create a warm atmosphere, enjoy five-star business hotel's elegant club atmosphere.

Have a fine fruit salad in kitchen, or a glass of Italian coffee. Or maybe you can have KTV first. Mobile satellite TV sure you not miss a race. If you have official business in the hand, then you don't have to worry about missing an important video conferencing, fax or Email, the wireless network on board serve-office systems.

it is a business enterprise mobile office vehicle, or the image of the Government received for investment vehicles, a car of the VIP reception.