Eat the "sandwiches"

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As an golfer, you must have to know the course, and you must have the idea about the relationship between shot and sand. Hoping you can understand more about how to manage sand, and then the delicious sandwiches is waittting for you. Not have the sand shotting become the " sandwitch".

The reason why PGA Pros different from those amateurs is that they have the ability to manage sand properly and actually use the sand to their advantage. While amateurs do not. When hitting from a bunker, there are two things that you should try to do above all else. First, strike the sand with the bottom of the clubhead (the sole) about two inches behind the ball, for example, have your R9 460 two inches behind the ball. Second, create a divot from one to one and a half inches in depth.

The main job of the clubhead is to create a pocket of sand between the ball and clubhead. As the clubhead digs, you can see the sand between the clubhead and ball actually start lifting the ball upward. Any less sand will prevent a soft landing, often resulting in skulled shots.If you dig too much, the clubhead will lose momentum, making it hard to get the ball out.

Practice makes perfect. maybe days later, you will find that hitting a great bunker shot is not so difficult as you once thought. Or maybe one day, you will find a clone club can be used like AP 2 in hand as well.