Russia and vodka's charming

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Few kind of wine did seem to have a relationship with a country's cultural, political and even economic relevance so close, but vodka is the one.

All in the Russian historical and cultural traces left immortal writers, poets, dramatists, singers, actors, painters, construction master, and almost all have a bond to vodka. It can be said that without the vodka, there is no Russia's poetry, fiction, drama, painting, architecture, and the unique charm and spirit; Russian poet, writer, dramatist, painter and architectural master.

From people in swing between heaven and hell, to fashion parties in fragrance exudes charming, vodka trick turned the image of big tease our taste buds are not the only.To the Soviet era, it gradually became a political tool, has become an indispensable driving force for building the Soviet Union, or even be seen as the struggle against the capitalist world with the means.

September 1, 1930, Stalin in a letter to Molotov on the clear instructions: "I think the need to increase (as much as possible) the production of vodka. What should not be guilt, but shoulddirectly and openly to strive to maximize the production of vodka, so that Country defense has been to ensure that genuine and serious? Vodka for the production of a considerable number of raw materials storage and formally included in the annual national budget, 1930-1931, "Stalin's deep understanding, from this vodka, in the economic, public, political role is irreplaceable.

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