Get your hands through the ball at impact

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Swing the club properly is about having your legs, hips, arms and hands work together to produce a positive result when you make contact with the golf ball. The hands' role is to continue to drive the swing once the hips have gotten your swing going.

First you should address the golf ball and get in an athletic position. Stand about 18 to 24 inches from the ball, with the ball midway between your front and back leg. The distance from the ball depends on the club you use.To shorter iron, standing 18 inches should suffice. If you are using a driver, regardless of Callaway FT-9 Driver or something else, 24 inches is proper.

Then begin your swing by rotating your hips to the right. It is important that you start your swing with your hips and have your hands follow. If you lead with your hands and not your hips, you will not be able to generate power in your golf swing. It is necessary to check the position of your hands once you have started your downswing. The bottom of your left hand should lead the club to and through the ball. Both of your wrists will be cocked and you will not unfurl them until your hips have cleared the hitting zone.

Next, drive through the ball with your hips and left side. You are now in position to finish your swing with your hands. Your left hand will come through the golf ball with force and then you will finish your swing by snapping your right hand at impact. This will provide you with the power you need to drive the ball down the fairway.

At last, continue swinging when you have made impact. To get the full benefit of the final wrist snap of your right hand, finish with your hands high.