Ping i10 or G10 iron set for me

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So went to the local golf joint to get fit for a new set of ping irons. I'm having trouble deciding which to buy.I'm about an 18 handicap, sort of a repectable beginner looking to improve a great deal in the next few years. I'm left handed so they only had a 7 iron of each club for me to hit into a net. I hit the G10 pure everytime, the i10 i could feel a little mishit now and then, but knew for sure when i hit one on the playing the largest clubs known to man, the big bertha 05' irons, so even the g10 is smaller than im used to.bottom line is i want one of these sets BAD now...they both felt great to hit.The club fitter guy said the g10 for sure. just easier to hit and no real down side when compared to i10.

my thoughts:

G10 - for sure would enjoy them right away, but wouldn't force me improve my ball striking over time. might outgrow them in a few years.i10 - more mishits, may struggle to adjust at the beginning, but would assist me to become a better golfer over time.I would not out grow them for a number of years. could learn to work the ball both ways without fighting a huge offset (can draw big berthas very easy, difficult to hit a cut).i'm 50/50 at this point. any thoughts? it wouldn't be the end of the world to buy g10s and sell them in a couple/three years and move to more of a player iron at that time.