Golf Swing If You Have Lower Back Problem

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The golf swing if you have a lower back problem can be frustrating and career-ending. It is nearly impossible to swing efficiently with a bad lower back. The golf swing requires an aggressive rotary movement that puts a tremendous amount of stress on the lower back, and if you have a back problem or injury you have to change your swing to avoid the pain.

There are two movements or positions in the golf swing that a bad lower back can wreak havoc on. The first is golf posture. In golf posture, you are bent forward at the hips, which immediately puts stress on the lower back. With a lower back problem, you may not be able to achieve proper golf posture.The only compensation you can make is to bend you knees more to be able to get down to the ball, and play with a more upright golf swing.

The second issue is the rotation component of the golf swing. The main movement in golf is rotation, so a lower back issue changes this dramatically. The ONLY option is to reduce the turn in your golf swing to avoid stress and pain in the back. The result is a MUCH shorter golf swing, but less stress on the back.


The solution I think that you should consider is a strength and stretching program consisting of specific exercises for the lower back. This will get you swinging with the best technique you've had in years, and you will be PAIN-FREE!!You will no longer have a golf swing lower back problem.


On August 11, 2009 at 11:10 PM , Nick said...

Being able to deliver a natural golf swing with extreme skill is extraordinary. Only few people are able to do so. However, practice makes perfect as the old saying goes, skills can be honed with the proper training and guidance. A lot of people have wasted resources and time to build up their swings but have failed because they did not have the proper guidance and/or the proper training. It will be futile if you play and are not having a good session of practical training.