Lower your Golf Handicap-----Shot Cuts

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Advantages of A Short Hitter In his later years Runyan liked to say that short hitters have a few advantages over long hitters. For example, short hitters hit into fewer hazards off the tee. Short hitters usually have a hard time reaching those difficult fairway bunkers that populate many fairways. Long hitters like the challenge of carrying the ball over water hazards and bunkers. But that type of thinking, says Runyan, gets you in trouble, if miss the fairway.

Another advantage for short hitters, observes Runyan, is that must improve their keep their short games and keep them sharp. Players who can't reach par 5s or long par 4s in two tend to play more short approaches shots and other greenside shots. Therefore, they develop better good short games to compensate for a lack of distance than long hitters. More importantly, they keep them sharp because they use them more. When the time comes for them to make a tough short game shot, they have the confidence and skill to make these shots. That's not always the case with long hitters.

The First To Hit A third advantage, says Runyan, is that short hitters are often the first to hit from the fairway. That's key in match play. Hitting first provides an opportunity to put pressure on your opponent by hitting a good shot. It's a strategy Walter Hagen used to his advantage match play. Hagen wasn't a short hitter. But he would often hit an iron off the tee just so he could hit his second shot before his opponent. That put the pressure on his opponent to match Hagen's shot.

A fourth advantage is that in long hitter/short hitter matches, the pressure is on the long hitters. They don't like losing to short hitters and often tighten up based on that prospect. Obviously, this is an ego thing. Not every long hitter succumbs to his or her frustration. But if the short hitter keeps the match close, chances are the big hitter will get frustrated coming down to the last few holes. That frustration could turn into extra shots on the hole.