Golf Injuries(2) -- Tennis Elbow And Golfer's Elbow

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Pain and tenderness on outer side of left elbow (tennis elbow) and inner side of right elbow (golfer's elbow). Pain may be greatest at the top of the backswing and at impact.


Among the possible treatments are: Rest, medication, therapy, counterforce bracing, cortisone, surgery


• Consider switching to graphite shafts and low compression balls to decrease elbow strain at impact• Practice on real turf instead of rubber mats when possible• Ease up on grip pressure and loosen up on the elbows during the swing• Bring the club back slowly during the backswing• Maintain a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing• Move the ball to a safe spot to avoid contact with rocks, tree roots, sprinklers, etc.• Consider adopting a more elliptical swing to sweep the ball off the turf and minimize divottaking• Tee-up the ball on fairway shots, if necessary


• Release the hands prematurely at the top of the backswing (casting maneuver)• Decelerate the club before impact

Golf Clubs with graphite shafts:
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