Adam Scott Talks About Titleist AP2

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What do Adam Scott's final-round 61 and three-shot victory at the Qatar Masters and 2007 European Tour Rookie of the Year Martin Kaymer's first win a week earlier have in common? Both were fired with new Titleist irons. Adam Scott won with the Titleist Forged AP2 irons while Martin Kaymer played the Forged ZM irons in taking the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship by two.

Adam Scott, the Australian professional golfer talked about his feeling about Titleist irons:

Titleist is replacing every iron in their set with the new AP1, AP2, ZB, and ZM irons. Gone are the well-liked 695 (in CB and MB variations). Gone is the 735.CM. Gone are the 755s and the 775s. Five models are being replaced by four, three of which are forged, and one of which aims to bring incredible feel and performance to the "aspiring golfer" crowd.

They say there's no accounting for taste, but my own personal opinion is that the irons offer a nifty throw-back look. I don't personally care for the "overdone" graphics we see on a lot of clubs, and I'm willing to say that the Titleist AP1 and Titleist AP2 come close to overdoing it a little. The lines don't bother me - in fact, I like the lines - but the black/grey and black/red striping and the words in that area are what push the iron close to the edge for me. And this isn't the first time Titleist has "dressed up" up the backs of their irons. The very 755 and 775 irons these clubs replace also had decorative backs with different colors, materials, and lettering.

The introduction of the AP1 and the AP2 mark a bold step for Titleist: tungsten sole weights, flashier graphics, and elastomer cushions are all new to their irons. I've played Titleist irons for quite a long time, always going with the muscleback variations or, on occasion, blended sets.