Golf Course Clothing Etiquette

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As a golf abecedarian, are you worrying about what clothes you should dress? Actually, team sports have uniforms. Individual sports, such as swimming or gymnastics, have clothing that enhances performance. But golf fashion is limited only by the imagination--and a few rules of common sense, etiquette and good taste. Much is dictated by tradition and the rules of the particular golf course or golf club you're playing as a member or a guest.

Find out the dress code policies of golf courses in your area where you may be doing most of your playing. Almost all private, semi-private and resort golf courses have strict requirements for clothing on the course . Municipal courses and public courses may allow T-shirts and jeans. But those are few in number. To avoid embarrassing situations, know the policies before you play there. By the way, golf clubs generally have no strictly limitation. You can either take clubs by yourself, or use the clubs in the golf course;or you can use TaylaoMade R9 Driver or any other drivers you like.

Visit to a clothing store or a golf shop that sells apparel. The good news is that national clothing stores ranging from low price-points such as Wal-Mart and Target to high-end stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdale's, have sections for men and women that feature clothing specifically for golf. Most national golf equipment store ch ains also have any clothing you might need, as well as your club's pro shop. However, the prices usually will be higher.

Men should purchase comfortable khaki and cotton pants and shorts. They should be a classic color such as black, beige, olive or tan. Try to avoid white pants--golf is played on the ground, and mud and grass stains have a way of getting on white without you really trying. Women can wear almost any kind of pants, shorts, skirts or chinos, as long as they fit the color scheme suggested above.

Suggestion: Wear a matching warm-up suit if the weather gets chilly. They are allowed on almost any golf course.