5 Easy Steps To The Correct Golf Grip

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The correct golf grip is probably one of the most overlooked fundamentals in the game of golf. Far too many amateurs are unaware of the importance of this. If you don't have the correct golf grip you run the risk of having a very flawed golf swing and will create some shots that will damage your round every time out. Follow this step by step plan and you will have a solid technique to work from which will improve your game no end.

1) Take the club with your top hand and place the handle diagonally from the top join of your index finger down through your palm and a few centimetres higher than the your wrist (little finger side). Now wrap your hand around the club. Your thumb should be resting on top of the club.

2) You now have two choices (the most popular grip techniques) - the interlock grip or the overlay grip. First of all rest your bottom hand on top of the thumb of your top hand - use the lifeline on your bottom hand as the point at which you place it. At this point you can either rest your little finger of your bottom hand on the index finger of the top hand, or, interlock the same two fingers. Try both out and see which is more comfortable for you. Neither is better than the other but you want a feeling of unity so that you feel you can control the club.

3) Now you may need some slight adjusting of both hands. Locate the 'v' between your thumb and index finger on both hands. They are upside down as you look at them - have the point of the v on both hands point toward your chin.

4) The importance of point two is that you can alter the type of shot you create depending upon the position of these v's. The further toward your back shoulder you point them the 'stronger' your grip is and the more knuckles you will see on your left hand. This can help create more distance but has been known to add more slice. The opposite tends to reduce distance and create more of a hook. More advanced players play around with this to help fashion fade or draw shots. Be aware of these factors and play around with this to see what suits your game.

5) The correct golf grip is not complete without applying the right amount of pressure. It is too tempting to really grab hold of a club and choke it to death - you'd think that would help you get more distance. Wrong. Tense muscles reduce the freedom and rhythm of your swing which is where real club head speed comes from. A well known analogy for the right pressure is to hold the club as if you were holding a small bird without trying to hurt it.

Use these pointers as the basis of a solid and correct golf grip. If you've been gripping it any old way then you will notice a big difference in your play and will become a better golfer for it.