You mean golf?

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The devil was holding a meeting with all the little demons. He stood up and said, "Well you poor useless lot of sissies, this guy Jesus is putting to much good in the world, you time wasters, you make me sick, you came to hell to make their life a misery; instead you waste your time playing silly games, so what are you going to do about it?"

Well, just then a small devil quite new to the job and very timid sheepishly said, "O'lord of great darkness I know I'm not as powerful as you but may I make a suggestion, it seems to me if we could build them up and knock them down the pain would be so great we will soon gain control."

Just as he said that a more experienced demon said "You mean golf?"

The devil himself interrupts saying, "Steady on old man, we don't want to finish them off that quick."