Golf Club Fitting Guide

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There are many aspects that go into finding the right golf clubs. Included in the list of factors to consider are size, length, ability, handicap, age and distance. Any of these factors may be the determining factor when it comes to buying golf clubs that fit. Most people can find a set of clubs that they like on the shelves of a sporting goods store, but to know if they are right, you need to try them out.

Get your swing analyzed by a golf pro before you decide to buy new golf clubs. Yes, you want your clubs to fit correctly, but other factors have to be taken into account besides the size. Let the golf pro see your swing and make a recommendation as to whether you need stiff shafts or flexible ones. If you are an accurate hitter who lacks distance, the pro may recommend flexible shafts. If you get good distance but struggle to keep the ball in the fairway, he will recommend stiff shafts.

Hold the clubs that you have picked out. You have to make sure they fit your swing. If you hold the clubs and they are in a straight line as you address the ball, they fit correctly. However, if you have to hold the clubs at an angle, they are probably too big. If you feel somewhat cramped when you hold the clubs, they are probably too small for you.

Consider your age when you are in the process of fitting your clubs. Older golfers don't swing the clubs as quickly as they once did and they don't generate the club head speed at impact in order to promote distance. As a result, longer clubs are appropriate because you can have a longer swing plane to counter the lack of club head speed.

Check out custom made clubs if your arms are longer or shorter than average. A 42-inch shaft is standard for most clubs, but if you are a taller golfer with shorter than average arms, you will need longer clubs. If you have longer than average arms, you will need shorter clubs.

Practice hitting with the clubs before you buy them. All factors may have been taken into consideration, but you still need to hit with the clubs before you can decide which clubs to buy. Most pro shops or golf specialty stores will let you hit with the clubs before you decide to buy them.