Some advices for a Ping G10 driver Deal

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I think the Ping G10 driver is certainly a step up from the G5 and better than the Rapture. I have just bought a G10 and updated from the G5. Like in my old G5 I have a 9 degree stiff shafted, with a prolaunch red. The Ping G10 certainly sends the ball higher than the G5 and would be great for those who struggle to get the ball airborne. The feel off the face is more positive and the flight a little more powerful as opposed to the more floating flight of the G5. I reckon I’ve gained about 7 yards off the tee with the G10 compared to the G5 with good strikes from both. Cosmetically it’s pleasing but the moon is more discrete, however this is great for alignment. In my opinion, a good upgrade over the G5 and outstanding value for money.