No dirty words in golf?

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Watch golf on television is very boring and Nepal itself, and occasionally appears some word begin with F in front of the audiene will feel better.

Circuit, the Supreme Court of the United States recently have 5-4 vote to determine results, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently punish on the Fox television network, the fine is legitimate. The story goes like this, in which a broadcast ceremony, Bono, Ni Chelpin and Newt Gingrich spit a large of dirty. Assistant Justice John Paul Stevens did not agree with this decision, in his view, the same words to describe sexual intercourse, discharge or similar scene is dirty, but in other cases when the description should not be regarded as such a view, " but only the expression of an emotion. "

He said, "the first kind is completely out of the mentality dirty", while the latter is just the excitement of the hearts vent. From his personal experience to the past, for example."Look at any golfer, whatever ever his golf equipment is,Nike or Callaway, if his companion to see hit a shank," he wrote, "absolutely not the F head word out of his mouth to express his view about the act of sexual or excretion, no one else would think that way at that situation. But the FCC will think this is indecent language, is really ridiculous. "

To the editor's opinion, no matter it is a out of mentality dirty or out of mind' s expression, but once you have the status as the reporter, you have the responsibility to take care of your audiences. Because the Journalism tells the truth, cares about the society, but not only the money.