India, play not the same

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India have the world's highest golf course; Apart from Britain, there is the world's oldest national golf club; India average number of club members up to 1,300 people, ranking the most in the world; but the stadium is operating income minimum in the world's; India not to develop the real estate, do not open up the tourism market ... ... in this ancient and mysterious Oriental country, golf development into a clear-cut result of the colonial army and forming a unique business model. For example, even if you have the greatest golf equipment, such as X-20, R9, TaylorMade, no matter what, people sitll can not enjoy the game, as the golf course in India is far from enough.

The Indian military and government take over the golf course management left by Colonists. There is not much innovation, although Europe and the United States golf market at this time has a huge, revolutionary changes. The operation and development of golf in India is basically the continuation of the British or the set of means before.Golf in India is only the entertainment for the military high-ranking officials, a way of receiving guests. During this time, the military to invest in constructing and operating its own golf course, and the stigma of the colonial era is very clear; private investors are very few open golf courses. Golf market in India is in its infancy period of development.

India is a golf course can not meet market demand, and ultimately the formation of the present situation of shortage. To sum up, every stuff in this world needs to be improved, and to be changed. So if India still want to hold her status for golf, there must be some changes. Just like golf brands' developing, Callaway,Titleist, Nike, and more need to change according to the situation.