Longest driver by far

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Compared to the R9 driver the TaylorMade R9 460 driver has a larger clubhead which combines with a deeper clubface and lower centre of gravity to deliver a much higher MOI that promotes forgiveness and a higher spin rate. Despite the larger clubhead and the technological

breakthroughs the R9 460 can still boast of the classic looks and beautiful design that TaylorMade drivers are renowned for.

I recently switched from a 09 burner 10.5 R flex to the new R9 460 11.5R flex. I tried the standard R9 and couldn't hit anything decent.I didn't even try this club at a driving range. I got fitted on a launch monitor and bought it.This club is very forgiving, long and the ball carries forever.It is at least 10-15 yards farther and more accurate than any driver Taylormade has ever made. The price is fair, what else is there, thanks again Taylormade.