Got you close to the pin

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The Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl wedge offers a perfect balance of performance, versatility and forgiveness, all with unprecedented feel. The Cleveland CG14's design integrates Cleveland Golf's most advanced manufacturing and feel technology with a tour scrutinized shape, sole and offset. It features Cleveland Golf's breakthrough wedge technology known as ZIP Grooves, which gives them the biggest and most precisely milled grooves available in a Cleveland wedge. ZIP Grooves are milled to maximum conforming dimensions using a proprietary CNC milled bit that creates envelope-stretching geometry for added shot consistency. The Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl wedge's larger groove volume helps channel more debris at impact than traditional grooves, making ZIP Grooves perfect for players that want optimal spin and distance control.

I purchased the 56 deg. last year and the first time I used it I holed a chip from 18 feet off the green. Now that might have been the hole but the feel from this wedge is great. I notice on shots inside 80 yds this club will get me closer to the pin with holding power/spin than the wedge that came with my iron set. I purchased the 64 deg. this spring and it's great for getting out of deep bunkers, so much so, I gave my wife my old sand wedge. You have to try these wedges, feel is genuine.