Save 5 Shots Every Round

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If you had your "a-game" every round, golf would be easy. We all post low scores when we're splitting fairways, hitting pure irons and draining long putts. But what makes you a really good player — and a tough-to-beat opponent — is how you play when you've left your A-game (and maybe even your B-game) at home.

When you're not playing well, the worst thing to do is to try to hit perfect shots. Save the perfect shots for when you feel perfect. On days like this, you need to recognize what you still can do, and then use that to get the ball from tee to hole. You don't need to hit perfect shots to win — if you're missing right, aim left and let it cut. That shot will feel more doable, and that's the name of the game when it feels like nothing's working.

If you start planning and executing shots — no matter what shots they are — your confidence will come back, and you may very well find that your game comes back with it. Here's how to make those mid-round fixes to your drives, iron shots, chips and putts that will get even your shakiest round back on track.