How to Find Good Deals For Tee Times Online

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The Internet has revolutionized the speed and efficiency with which golfers can browse for available tee times. It has also helped golf courses fill tee times that would otherwise remain vacant. Golfers have the option to book online through various websites, and many golf courses have their own Web pages that allow you to book directly through them. Just as online airline ticket agencies offer reduced fares for last-minute and off-peak reservations, golf courses offer great bargains if you have some flexibility.

Compare the green fees listed on a golf course's home page with the fees listed on the online tee time booking service. You will almost certainly see lower fees with the online booking service.

Compile a list of all the online booking services that handle your local public golf clubs. The largest and best known ones are,, and

Make comparisons for the same time between two online tee time sites. Some sites might negotiate better deals with golf courses than competing sites, and they will pass that savings on to you with lower greens fees.

Before you book your tee time, double check to see which ones offer the most favorable cancellation policies.