09 Burner Iron review

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The TaylorMade 2009 Burner Iron is the best looking, best performing iron the company has ever produced. TaylorMade’s designers changed their approach to irons by looking at short, middle and long irons differently and the result is a set of irons that performs throughout the bag. The long irons feature Inverted Cone Technology to ensure distance remains consistent on even off centre hits and the clubface has been thinned to make each club more flexible and faster.

The clubhead is larger and combined with a wider sole to both increase MOI and lower the CG location. The result is longer irons that are as easy to hit as TaylorMade’s Rescue club but with the added benefit of accuracy and control that only irons can bring. These advances in iron technology were also used to create the 2009 Burner middle irons which are more accurate and longer than any previous TaylorMade iron. Short irons were designed to deliver responsive, controlled clubs that kept the classic prescision looks of traditional short irons. The result is short irons that are both classic in design but which also score highly on all counts of accuracy, forgiveness and feel.

The real beauty of the TaylorMade 2009 Burner Irons is that, despite the separate design processes, the whole set combine to give the golfer a powerful weapon. Distance gaps between each iron are even leaving no difficult, unbridgeable gaps between clubs and, throughout the bag, the 2009 Burner Irons deliver high, soft landing ball flight combined with accuracy and carry.