Which Golf Training Products Do You Really Need?

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If you have ever looked into buying golf training products you will know that there are an abundance of them. Make sure though, that you know what you are looking for and for what purpose you need the golf training products. A lot of golfers end up spending vast sums of money on golf aids that just don't work for them.

Maybe you don't have a particular problem with your game; you just want to improve certain aspects of it. For example - more distance, accuracy, consistency, or maybe you want to get into golf strength training because you know that when you are fit for golf you can have a better all round game.In this article I will point out the top 4 categories and which type of golf training products you can find. You should first try to identify why you believe you think a golf training aid can help you. Once you have identified your particular problem you will be in a better position to choose the right golf aid to help you improve your game.

First, you might not need golf training equipment; instead you could start checking out a few golf guides (eBooks) or golf DVD's that deal with a specific topic that may help you. There are many good eBooks and DVD's on helping you with your golf swing, how to fix a slice, golf stretching exercises, golf fitness programs, or general golf lessons. If you decide that you would rather have a physical golf training product, then here are the different categories available.

Full Swing Training Aids: This category is full of training aids but not all of them are good solutions for the complete golf swing. The top choices in this category would have to be the hinged golf clubs such as the Medicus Dual Hinge clubs or the Refiner hinged training clubs. Another good option is the Leadbetter Swing Setter which helps with your grip, release, tempo, and swing plane. Alternatively, try weighted golf clubs from Momentus or a full swing trainer by Explaner.

Golf Fitness Training Aids: These are my favorite golf aids because you will see a marked improvement in all areas of your game once you are fit for golf. The top product in this category is a range of fitness training products from the GolfGym. Again, weighted golf clubs can be used to build up your golf specific muscles and to raise your flexibility level. The Explaner not only improves your golf swing, it also strengthens your golf muscles and increases your flexibility through the use of a weighted roller.