Warning! Don't Buy Another Golf Bag Before You Read This

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A golf bag is an essential accessory for those who are extensively involved in playing golf. The golf bag is such an accessory without which the game cannot be played with a calm mind and fit body posture.

Imagine yourself carrying all you golf clubs and balls in hand and moving around the golf club with that weird smile because you don't have a good quality golf bag. It is much better to have a good quality golf bag that safely holds all your essentials including golf clubs and balls.

If you have decided to buy a golf bag for yourself then these are some important aspects you must look for before you make a final decision. There are various types of golf bags available in the market for you to buy. The most popular amongst all types of golf bags is the bag which caries the golf clubs. A golf club is the main piece of sport accessory any golfer carries with him.

A bag, which carries the golf club, can also accommodate other accessories such as balls, towels. Some golf bags have stands too so that you don't have to keep them on ground. Stan helps to keep the golf bag upright position for easy access to it's internal pockets.

Another type of golf bag, which is popular amongst golfers, is the one with a stand on wheels. As the name suggests this has a wheeled stand, which can be easily dragged along the lawn for easy maneuvering. This type of golf bag is called as a cart bag and is heavier than the first type.

Apart from these two types of golf bags the third type of bag is the largest in size that can accommodate al the accessories you may ever need while on the golf club. The caddie or the electric golf cart can be used to carry this type of bag typically named as a staff bag.

Apart from choosing the correct type of golf bag for your needs we will have a look at the price range of most popular type of golf bags so that you get a fair idea of which golf bag to buy.

For basic needs a carry bag is the best choice which comes in the price starting from $15 and can go up to $25. For the second type of golf bag, that stand bag prices start from $25 and can go up to $200. The third type of staff golf bags is available for a price range of $200 and above.

Before you finalize any type of golf bag make sure you observe what kind of playing activities or movement you will be involved in during your plating schedule. This will make it easier for you to make the correct choice of the golf bag and your buying experience will be a joyful one.