The value of PGA Championship

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Each year, so many coverage about PGA, so many gossip about Pros, many golf brands, such as Nike, Callaway and so on all trying to take this chance to show their products. and when we think carefully about PGA Championship this year, there are so many elements to build into the finest.

We here is not talking about the money that PGA produced, nor the withdraw or injury. Those players in the top 70 on the list gain entry into the field. The field of 156 is then filled with other players based on space availability. And all PGA Tour players also have the separate qualification in the final. Something that Tour clubs can not tell.

This knowledge, and the knowledge that there is no better field assembled in golf year-in and year-out makes you wonder why the PGA Championship doesn't get even more respect. I say that hesitantly because certainly as a major championship the tournament is regarded very highly. But as the most professionally equitable event in the game, it seems as if the PGA Championship should get equal -- if not higher billing -- than its three major championship counterparts.

To win an PGA Championship to prove you are the best. Believe it or not, the PGA Championship can be regarded as the toughest major championship all the time. Not only because of its top players' participation, but alos owing to many other elements.