Tiger Woods was overbearing or aborted?

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I've been reading a little bit about TW's attitude on the last day of the PGA Championship and found that people had commented that Tiger was quite arrogant, not to mention unprofessional in the way he played with Yang. 2 incidents mentioned were:

1. Tiger stepping on Yang's putting line at the 18th when he was preparing for his chip from the green-side rough.

2. Tiger walking off the green after he putts but before Yang putts out his hole.

I'll need to go back and see the recording again but I do recall incident #2. At that point, I felt it odd that Tiger had walked off while Yang hadn't finished the hole. I guess Tiger just wanted to press ahead.

That said, if the above are true (and Tiger has been for his arrogance), then I don't feel so bad for his loss at the PGA Championship. In fact, I think that this is a good reality check for him and other pros that there are good golfers out there who you may not have heard much of but can kick b*tt nonetheless. Sometimes, people get too comfortable at top positions that they fail to recognize the people around them.OR... was Tiger simply frustrated with himself and was not conscious of his actions?