Kids Basics For Golf

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When introducing kids to golf, you need to keep FUN as the main goal. If you throw in all of the rules and all of the golf talk, then you will make it boring and they will not enjoy it. If you allow a child to enjoy playing golf, then they will grow to love it forever!

Making a child practice for hours and hours will quickly overwhelm a child. Let them practice for small amounts of time, such as 30 minutes, at first. This will help them stay motivated to practice.

Let them hit the ball hard at first. This will make it fun for them. Don’t stress about the correct grip when they are just beginning. Just show them how to keep the right hand under the left hand and let them swing away!

Also, encourage them to keep their feet on the ground during their follow through.

If you want to purchase a child’s set of golf clubs, that is okay, but a used set of women’s clubs will work just as well. They are light and will work great for kids. You only need a woman’s 6 iron, 9 iron, 3 wood, and a putter to start.

Let your child start by playing games chipping and putting. This will allow them to get the feel of the club and the ball. Kids will enjoy bouncing the ball off the wedge to try to hit leaves or twigs.

To keep them motivated, you might want to try some fun contests and games. You will want to avoid pressuring them too early. Allowing your child to enjoy the game will make them want to play instead getting frustrated and quitting.

Encourage your child and they will enjoy playing with you. If you start demanding them to win or overemphasizing competition, then will lose their interest in golf very fast.

Children will progress when they are ready to. If you will let them do this at their own pace, you can help prevent burnout. Don’t force a child to play golf. Playing golf should be fun and full of enjoyment. Have fun with them and playing golf!

If your child really seems to be interested in golf, then you may want to consider golf lessons or a golf camp especially for children. If you want a private instructor, make sure that you watch them teach children first. You want someone that will encourage your child and that is good at teaching children.

If is very important to teach your child golf etiquette. Teach them that it is not acceptable to talk when someone else is swinging. Stand still. Don’t walk in front of someone swinging. Don’t walk in front of someone’s line or through their line.

Don’t criticize them. Praise the shots and swings that they make. Encourage them in the correct methods, but don’t dwell on their incorrect shots.

If you completely focus on the important parts of golf – enjoying it and learning the basics – then you may have a child that can compete with you on the golf course and who enjoys golf for the rest of their life.