Hot Golfer's Wives

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According to the sports poll, there are four golf wives in the light. They are the heros themself, although they cann't swing golf clubs.They dedilcate to the honors of their husbands. They are charming.

No.1 Carminita Immelman

Carminita Immelman is the wife of professional golfer and winner of the 2008 Masters Trevor Immelman. The couple had a son in 2006, and reside in Cape Town, South Africa.

No 2. Elin Woods

Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren Woods (born January 1, 1980) is a former Swedish model and wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods.

3. Amy Mickelson, wife of Phil Mickelson

4. Diane Antononpoulos, wife of Luke Campbell Donald