Good Golf Putting Tips?

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Amateur golfers think that putting is hard, but keeping some secret putting tricks up one's sleeves makes it an easy job. If you think so to, all you have to do is talk with golf pro to get these terrible ideas raided to dust. It is never so easy. Working for the entire day on the green, calculating carefully and then making the strokes may seem very easy on T.V, but it is really very painstaking.

Just having a few secret tips on your fingers will never make you an ace golfer. These tips are not magical, but they are surely the guidelines that you need to follow while you are practicing so as to make your mark. These tips are given below:

* You will have to know what your right spot of putter is in order to hit great putts. You can do this by just hanging and swinging your putter from your hand. Keep your fingers loose, and with the other hand, take the ball while you start tapping your shoe with the putter. Then work your way to the centre. Only when you hit the ball, the face of the putter does not twist, will you know that this is the right spot of the putter for you.

* The next best putting tip is building a stable base and taking the right stance. A lot of golfers do not make the best putting shots because they have a problem at the roots: posture. In order to build the right base, you have to take the putting stance at the doorway, with your hips touching the door jam. When you take your stroke, your hips should move away from the door jam. This way you will have less movement in your lower part of the body, which should always be the case. This is a very good technique, and to follow it, you can practice it anywhere, be it in your office when your secretary will not intervene, or in your home when you are alone in your room.

* Another thing you can do instead of standing in the doorway is to get close to a wall. You should not be touching it, so when you are making your swing, your hips must not brush against the wall at all. Your head should be straight too, and you must not break this posture. If your head rocks, this means you are not doing it right and you can start all over again.

* There is no need to use the expensive training aids. These tips are very inexpensive, and you can follow them anytime anywhere. Use a flat three foot putt when you are practicing. Line the strips on the range balls so as to maintain a straight lien as you putt them to the hole. The line must not widen up or curve in when you are putting. If it does, this means that you are not dong it right. While putting, the line has got be straight and nothing else.

These methods will put your right on the top spot while you make your impressive shots on the green and then get applauded by the watching audience!


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