Golfing in the Haze

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While driving to work today, I noticed how bad the haze was. Yes, we've been facing the haze for a while but it was quite awful today. I was on Nicoll Highway and could barely make out the Suntec buildings in the distance. This was of concern to me since I'll be playing in JB over the weekend (where the haze is supposed to be just as bad, if not worse) and also to our fellow golfers who will be playing at MBGC on Saturday. So, I wanted to share some suggestions* for those who expect to head out into the open while the haze continues to linger.

1. Heat

With the haze in the air, this creates a suffocating blanket of smog which prevents the heat from dissipating. As a result, the heat levels will rise as will humidity. While there may not be a lot of sunlight, it will be hot. I recommend drinking a lot of fluids and not over-exerting yourselves. If you feel out of breath, it's because the smog makes it difficult to breathe. Calm yourself down in the buggy. Stop for a while and resume when you feel more comfortable.

2. Skincare

Just because there's less sun (as it's hidden behind the smog), it does not mean that there's no sun. The sun rays continue to penetrate and as such, ample skincare is recommended. Sunblock lotion, wearing Skins (or similar material) and seeking shade whenever possible helps. Don't be a hero and march down each fairway thinking that the "shade" means reprieve from the sun's harmful rays.

3. Eyes

The particles in the air will cause irritation for your eyes. You'll notice that your eyes will start smarting and become more watery. I recommend using eye drops to help bring comfort. Try and avoid rubbing your eyes especially if you use a towel which is dirty. I've seen some golfers use the same towel to wipe their eyes as they do to wipe their golf clubs. Don't end up with an eye infection. Take care of your eyes.

4. Throat

Like your eyes, your throat may also suffer if it's too hot and dry. Make sure you consume lots of liquids. Coffee, tea etc should be avoided. Stick to water

5. Bacteria/germs etc

I was told that it is best to have a bottle of disinfectant with you (the small ones from Watsons don't cost much and can be very helpful) especially if you constantly wipe your sweat away from your face etc with your bare hands. The disinfectant is meant to cleanse your hands from bacteria/germs. Where do the bacteria/germs come from? Check out balls which end up in plugged lies, in the rough, in the water etc. You'll be surprised to see how much dirt they pick up.