Golfers Have A Eye For Dubai Championship

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Golfers are waiting for the decision of the £12million prize money in the inaugural Dubai World Championship, as golf's richest-ever event - is it to be cut by as much as a quarter?

European Tour chief executive George O'Grady is to fly to the Middle East for talks with the sponsors, and said on Wednesday: "Nothing is decided and they will honour their contract with us if we so wish. But we will take a view on what's appropriate and in our long-term interest we may consider offering to drop the purse.

"We can't be immune from what is happening in the region. People are not getting paid in Dubai and we may have to share the pain."

£6million has been added into the "Race To Dubai" money list and the tournament is listed with the same amount.

As for the future of what was initially a five-year deal with Dubai-based property developers Leisurecorp - they also own last month's Open venue Turnberry - that will be part of O'Grady's discussions.

Two weeks ago when news of the possible prize money reduction leaked out, Lee Westwood's response was: "Not disappointed, not surprised.

"I think it's a reality check for everybody that in times like this when there's a credit crunch that nobody is immune.

"I heard before it all came out in the press that it was going from 10 million dollars down to 7 1/2 million. That's still a massive prize when you think about it and I think we're lucky to be playing for that kind of money.

"I can fully understand - and I'm pretty supportive in a way - that they're still hanging in there."

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