A basic chip - Do you know how to do it?

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My short game, particularly around the greens, had a mini-revival lately after I paid my coach a visit.

He looked at my chipping, pitching and flopping and noticed 2 very obvious flaws in my set-up that I was unaware of - I was standing a little too far from the ball and my hands were too low and it prompted a very inside path on the takeaway. Becos of this, on the thru-stroke, I had to use a lot of hands to square the club face and it sometimes will not work when the timing is off.

As usual after correcting it, I felt like I was going to shank or duff every chip standing so unusually close to the ball and having my hands high again. However, I trusted his words and went about practicing it more, 2hr every session for a few weeks.

After reworking on the set-up, I have renewed confidence in getting my chips closer and sometimes, even the confidence and feel of holing certain straight forward ones.

A lot of times when I play with beginners or higher handicapped players, the chipping motion or shot is something they are most unfamiliar with. From set-up to the stroke, they have all sorts of funny habits working against them due to the lack of knowledge. Some even putt when there is like 20yds of long fringy grass in between the ball and the green. Many just do not practice it enough as most places in Sg do not offer good short game facilities to practice.

Here is a very good video I found on youtube that can help every individual - from beginners who have no clue or have not had lessons on the shortgame, to the experienced and good players who sometimes get lazy or forget the basics. He explains the basics very clearly and demonstrates the technique well.

Also, its good to ask your pro to take u out to spend more time explaining the short game to u instead of just being a range rat.