Square drivers are on a roll after major victories for users

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When Nike started marketing drivers with square-shaped heads three years ago rival manufacturer TaylorMade predicted they would be a fad that lasted 90 days.

Nike's Tom Stites said he heard suggestions they should be called SpongeBob SquarePants, after the TV show.

Though most touring pros have not embraced the square, it has at last made a major impact on the PGA Tour: Using the Nike SQ Sumo2 Tour square driver, Lucas Glover won the U.S. Open in June, and Stewart Cink followed up Sunday by winning the British Open.

Square drivers were thought to be a valid idea for recreational golfers because in theory they should produce straighter shots. And everyday golfers have bought enough of them that Callaway and Nike, the two biggest sellers of square drivers, continue to introduce upgraded models.

Golf Datatech, which tracks industry sales, reports that Callaway's on and off course retail sales are $53 million since they were introduced in 2007. Nike's are $36 million.