Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver

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Last year, Nickent Golf's 4DX Evolver driver debuted with interchangeable shaft technology. The club's clever hosel design enabled you to remove or install different shafts with ease. Now the firm's second-generation 4DX Evolver features 26 distinct settings for clubface angle, lie angle and loft. (You can still swap the head with different shafts).

All of this is made possible because the hosel bore (where the shaft goes into the head) is off center. Marrying a specially designed aluminum hosel insert (26 "grooves" are machined into it) with the hosel bore allows you to tweak face angle up to 3° closed or open, adjust lie angle by 3.5°, and change loft by as much as 1.5°(higher or lower) compared to the stated loft.

A fitting tip: Closing the face angle, for instance, increases loft at impact and promotes a right-to-left flight with higher trajectory.