5 Things You Need To Know About Golf Swing Path

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In order to succeed in the game of golf, a golfer must possess extreme timing, flawless technique and a willing to learn and improve. All of those qualities must be displayed in a wide variety ways to finish every round or game with a desired score. It all begins with an integral part of every golfer's swing, called the swing path. Exactly how sound a golfer can make his swing path could be a determining factor between his game flourishing and faltering.

The golf swing path is the arc the golf club head follows throughout the course of the golf swing. The path begins with the takeaway, arcing upward through the top of the swing, and then moves down through the ball and toward the target. A golfer's swing path can be broken down and analyzed by several factors: swing tempo, stance, the takeaway and posture. There are also three separate ways to define an individual's golf swing path: flat, upright and neutral.

The takeaway happens during the first couple feet of any swing and is only a short portion of the swing; however, it is a huge factor in a golfer's swing path. If the takeaway is on a flat path, then the swing will generally be flat and the same can be said for an upright path as well as a neutral one. No matter what golf swing path you may have, it can be corrected and perfected with the proper tutelage and continuous practice.