Ironhide VS. FT-iQ

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Ironhide is a tough guy, like a cowboy gun ready. He is an old friend of Optimus Prime, the car people to several of his brothers to participate in most of the fighting, he usually is responsible for a number of important people, and materials to defend the work of private bodyguards is Optimus Prime, he loves to say: "high science and technology can not replace the flesh and blood lines".

Rough but kind-hearted, metal can be a very low temperature of liquid nitrogen injection bullets and lead a high temperature, he also is equipped with sonar, radar, radio wave detector. Despite the slowest mileage, his casting is made of steel of Trithyllium, this alloy contains radioactive carbon fiber, so that he can not be attacked.He is a deformation of GM after the GMC sport utility vehicle.

Say hello to the FT-iQ Driver, the longest, straightest driver we’ve ever created. Using the coolest, latest technology found in Stealth Bombers and Formula 1 race cars, the brightest minds at Callaway Golf have created a driver with one result in mind: long bombs down the middle. The refined head shape has a sleek look and raises the moment of inertia (MOI) for unprecedented accuracy off the tee. Turbo-charge your tee shots with Hyperbolic Face Technology, which raises ball speeds across the entire face for more distance. The FT-iQ Tour Driver produces a more penetrating ball flight and features a slightly open face angle for a look preferred by accomplished players. This is any R9 club can have. The exclusive Fubuki shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon adds to the incredible feel and performance. So pick a target and fire a smart bomb.