How to Swing a Hybrid Golf Club

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There are always little subtleties to hitting each club in the bag, and the new hybrid technology is no exception. That said, the basics mirror the swing thoughts of hitting a 3- or 4-iron, yet are very similar to hitting a 3-wood off the fairway.

Relax at address. As with all clubs, with the hybrid in hand, keep your muscles relaxed. Tension is the catalyst for poorer contact and disappointing shot results, even with a hybrid in hand.

Place the ball slightly ahead of the midpoint of your stance. A good spot is directly below the pocket or the logo on your golf shirt.

Make good consistent contact by taking the club head back low to the ground. Again, as with all clubs, make a smooth and easy shoulder turn.

Remain balanced and resist overswinging. Focus on keeping your weight centered between your feet. The key is to resist shifting too much weight, or your back foot and then the front knee will collapse. Ideally, the front knee should stay pointed toward the ball.

As you begin the swing, focus on a smooth downward motion. Keep your rhythm and do not change swing speeds on the downward path. Changing speeds will lead to inconsistent ball striking.

The general thought pattern is to use a sweeping motion rather than a firm downward blow. Some players find that thinking about tossing a ball underhanded is the perfect complementary thought to ensure such a sweeping blow.

During the downswing, keep the club on the target line by tucking your back elbow against your side. Doing so creates greater power and a square club face at impact.

At contact, keep your left hand flat and pointing to the ground, perpendicular to the target line. To make great contact, the wrist should not break at this point, since doing so will increase the loft of the club and reduce distance.

As on the backswing, think about staying low on the follow-through. Let your weight shift naturally to your front foot. Ideally, your back knee will still be flexed but turning toward the ball flight.