How to Get Out of Sand Traps in Golf Games

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The touring professionals seem to get up and down from the sand most of the time, and from every conceivable position. However, most of us amateurs shudder to think about the shot each time it goes into a sand bunker, whether it is on the fairway or green-side. Actually, most sand shots are quite easy to pull off if you use the correct technique.

Step 1
Make sure the ball is a little forward of the middle line in your stance. Open your club face. Get a good footing by digging your feet into the sand, and aim to the left of the target by opening your stance.
Step 2
Take a full swing. Your posture and your grip should be the same as those when you are on the grass.
Step 3
Strike at a point that is about 1 ½ to 2 inches behind the ball with your sand wedge, because you should use the sand to lift the ball onto the green. The distance of the shot will dictate how hard you should swing, but always hit behind the ball to get the best results.