How to Buy a Golf Driver

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Your golf driver is almost always your most delicate and expensive golf club. You should not make quick decisions when you buy your driver. Many players like to buy their driver separately from their irons since the driver that comes with a complete golf set may not be the right driver. You should buy the driver that best matches your swing style and playing level.

Try a few swings with some friends' drivers. See how they feel and note how the golf ball flies. Remember the technical specifications of the friends' drivers you have tried.

Get an accurate measurement of how far you hit the ball with a driver. This is useful information for a golf shop's salesperson to know to help you further.

Find a public or private golf course that has a pro shop or golf shop with demo golf clubs. A salesperson will give you a small bucket of balls and let you try out a club on the driving range.

Experiment with differently weighted drivers with varying degrees of club shaft stiffness. If you are a long hitter, select a stiff, heavier shaft. If you are a short hitter, go with a light, flexible shaft.

Pick the driver that helps you hit the golf ball the farthest and straightest.

When trying a driver, write down the club's loft, the length and the shaft weight and stiffness for future reference. This will help you make comparisons between drivers.